Thursday, September 27, 2007

Part 8, Lowe's Tool Case Wristwatch Conversion

Tonight I got the fabric cut and the major gluing done to attach the fabric to the dividers. Using a small drafting board and a T-Square (not shown) helped immensely in making reasonably precise rectangles of fabric. Before marking and cutting though I needed to establish the dimensions for all the different sizes I'd need Smiley

Took quite a while, but I finally got all the pieces of fabric for the dividers cut.

I then glued them on, working with one divider at a time. This is how I laid out the piece (or pieces for some of them like this one) before applying the glue.

My wife grabbed the camera off of the table and shot this one of me applying glue to the foam Smiley

She took another one as I was positioning the first side of a divider onto the fabric. This was much, much easier than trying to put fabric onto the divider!

It's late, but I'm finally done with all the gluing I can do tonight. It needs to set overnight before I remove the tape. There's more gluing to do on the dividers, as it must be wrapped around the edges of the foam, but don't want to do that until what I've done has set. At this point I'm wondering if I'll be done by Sunday night. I'm going to have to work all day on it tomorrow!

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