Friday, September 28, 2007

Epilogue, Lowe's Tool Case Wristwatch Conversion

Upholstering the Padding in the Top

Link to Part 9: Padding the Sides

There was one final detail, not a necessity for full functionality, but to make it look better and improve long-term durability. The large "egg crate" foam pad in the top would eventually start to wear, tear and crumble if not covered. Got another half-yard of the Ultra-Suede fabric and completely covered it today. No real magic to it. A hot-melt glue gun, a little fabric trimming, and wrapping it up like wrapping a box with paper was all it took. Here's the back side, finished, and you can see how the cut edges are folded under to keep them from fraying. You'll also notice a bit of hot-melt glue showing in a couple places. No big deal, this side won't show unless I pull it out of the top.

Here's the "egg crate" foam pad, completely covered, installed in the top.

Finally, the complete box, with watches from different watch boxes placed into their pockets. Note the different colored watch pillows. One of the primary reasons for this mod was to avoid pulling watches off of the pillows on which they're normally stored in several watch boxes, and transferring them to foam pillows in this case. They're all on the pillows they would normally be stored on in their "home" watch boxes. Makes loading up the valise much faster and easier. Makes putting watches back into the watch boxes they're normally kept in much faster as well.

Now I'm FINALLY done . . . it's completely complete!

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